About us

Smart Reno helps people find and compare qualified and available contractors for their renovation projects.

Our mission

Build the Best Network of Experts to Simplify People's Lives

For homeowners

Smart Reno is the largest trusted contractor network in Canada. We help clients find contractors for their projects.

For contractors

Smart Reno is the largest trusted contractor network in Canada. We help clients find contractors for their projects.

Some key figures

$250 million in total project value

$250M Total value  of projects

More than 50,000 project per year

50 000+ Projects  per year

More than 7,500 contractors in the network

7 500+ Contractors in
our network

94% recommend Smart Reno

94% Recommend Smart Reno



We are working hard to simplify your renovations.


Andrei Uglar Founder & CEO


Jonathan Cayer CTO


Martin Dagneau COO


All marketing initiatives, via the web and social media, go through here.


Perrine Le Ru Marketing Director

stephanie-home-renovation-services-expert Stéphanie Sylvain Web Designer


They keep Smart Reno platform evolving everyday.


Joey Fraser Project Manager

katerusha-home-renovation-services-expert Vitaliy Katerusha Senior Developer

roxanne-home-renovation-services-expert Roxanne Desmeules Web Developer

Account Manager

They manage day-to-day communications, both with homeowners and contractors.

lavigueur-home-renovation-services-expert Renée Lavigueur Senior Account Manager, Alberta

arnsby-home-renovation-services-expert Charles Arnsby Senior Account Manager, Ontario

duval-home-renovation-services-expert Byanka Duval Account Manager,


They take care of project validation, customer service and various administrative tasks.

morin-home-renovation-services-expert Michèle Morin Administrative Coordinator

shanon-home-renovation-services-expert Shanon Lord Customer Service


He makes sure to identify the best entrepreneurs and embark them in our network.

savard-home-renovation-services-expert Olivier Savard Sales Representative

araos-home-renovation-services-expert Miguel Araos Sales Representative


Investor & Advisor

They believe in it and have invested in us!

fleurent-home-renovation-services-investor Pierre Fleurent Investor & Chairman of the Board

archambault-home-renovation-services-investor Martin-Luc Archambault Investor & Board Member

robichaud-home-renovation-services-investor Daniel Robichaud Investor & Advisor

cegelski-home-renovation-services-investor Mike Cegelski Investor & Advisor

Financial partners