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More than any other home renovations, bathroom remodeling requires a skilled contractor. Whether you are in need of a whole new bathroom or something simpler, such as new tiles, a modern shower stall or updated bathroom fixtures, you will want to be certain that the job is done right.

3 Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

What should you be thinking about when planning a bathroom renovation project?

  • 1
    Layout is very important if you have a small bathroom. You should make certain that the shower stall and storage space are designed to maximize the amount of space.
  • 2
    If you are installing a new powder room or basement bathroom, you should see if the bathroom fixtures are already in place. Additional pipes or fixtures could add to the cost of your project.
  • 3
    Decide what can change the look of your bathroom. A new bathroom vanity, wall tile or a glass shower can change the bathroom’s appearance without requiring much structural or plumbing work.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The price of a bathroom renovation can vary. Ask yourself what you need. Shower heads, new bathroom faucets or shower doors will cost less than installing a claw foot tub, stone countertops and double sinks. Materials can change the cost as well. Stone and stainless steel have different price tags, and new tiles come in many different varieties.

The right contractor can help you get the bathroom that you want while staying within your budget. Smart Reno is here to help you find that helpful professional for a successful bathroom renovation.

Recent bathroom renovation projects

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Install glass shower door

Install glass shower door

7 interested businesses
Réno de sdb - Photo #1

Réno de sdb

Je cherche à refaire deux salles de bain. Elles sont environ 20 pieds carré. On enlèverait tout sauf les bains. Idéalement pendant les semaines de la construction ou dans la semaine qui suit. read more →

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Small bathroom renovation

Small bathroom with standing shower, toilet, sink, vanity

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Full bathroom renovation

A full bathroom renovation, bigger shower enclosure, change tub, vanity, toilet, tile

6 interested businesses
Renovate an old bathroom - Photo #1

Renovate an old bathroom

We are looking to renovate an old bathroom by:
- Redoing the flooring
- Changing the bath to a walk-in shower
- Replace the sink, faucet and cabinet
We won't change any of the layout. read more →

6 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Finish the shower

Hello, I have a half-developed shower stall in a master bedroom ensuite bathroom leftover from previous homeowners, it is half tiled and half exposed pipes. I would be interested in having someone co... read more →

2 interested businesses
Bathroom needs an upgrade - Photo #1

Bathroom needs an upgrade

Since we are expecting a baby in Fall, our ground floor bathroom needs an upgrade. In particular, the toilet is an older model that does not work anymore and hence needs replacement. Furthermore, we c... read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Redesign the layout of the bathroom

- Redesign the layout of the bathroom
- New plumbing
- New electric wiring
- Remove wall from neighbour closet to increase the size of the bathroom
- Add a fan

Are you changing t... read more →

2 interested businesses
Bathroom partial reno - Photo #1

Bathroom partial reno

Our main idea is as follow:

Change the floor;

Invert the places of the sink and toilet;

Install the sink unit (already purchased);

Change the door to a pocket door (increase in space)

... read more →

0 interested business
Replace corner shower - Photo #1

Replace corner shower

We have a stand alone, corner shower in our basement that needs replacing. We think it has been slowly leaking near the bottom right corner for a while now and are seeing some drywall and baseboard da... read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Change the sink/vanities/cabinets and faucets

I would like to change the sink/vanities/cabinets and faucets in 2 of our bathrooms. We already have the materials.

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Mold in my basement bathroom

I see some Mold in my basement bathroom which needs to be removed and then the dry walls to be put back in. Also need exhaust fan replaced for 2 bathrooms read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Bathroom Partial Remodel

Bathroom Partial Remodel
What are you planning to change in the bathroom?: Shower, Lighting, Tiles
What is the size of the bathroom?: 24 ft2
What quality of materials do you want?: Standard read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Bathroom in basement

Unfinished basement. Want to put a bathroom. The plumbing is in but I’d like to move the fixtures. Full finish

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Salle de bain et plus

Bathroom 8" x 10" Possible to change the layout (need help for design)

Deck style plateforme de 12' par 12 directement au sol

3 interested businesses

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