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Bath sink remodeling.

Bath sink remodelling. Currently, wood supported but like to put granite

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Refaire une salle de bain

5X8 bathroom. Total gut and remodelling. Need to cut and install a new vent kit on the ceiling.

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Small bathroom renovation and more

I am planning to do redo my bathroom from the floor tiles to wall tiles. As well as removing the old shower stand and putting a new one. As well as changing the old toilet to a new toilet. Also, need ... read more →

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The corner shower seems flimsy - Photo #1

The corner shower seems flimsy

I just bought a condo that is 8 years old. The corner shower seems flimsy and has a bouncy floor that can separate from the drain. It's been like this for years. (Condo is currently rented out). I... read more →

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Complete bathroom renovation

I need to renovate my bathroom (with intention to sell next year).
It is the original bathroom from when it was built (1986) and it needs updating and repair as their is a strong possibility of mold... read more →

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Renovate my bathroom - Photo #1

Renovate my bathroom

My bathroom is very old and has no fan for ventilation. I need a fan to be put in as well as a total renovation. This is a upper duplex in Lasalle and the bathroom is very small. read more →

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I need to renovate both levels of my duplex

The upstairs kitchen is completely empty and the bathroom needs plumbing and finishing touches. The downstairs kitchen and bathroom need to be completely redone. Cabinetry required on both floors. New... read more →

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