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What is Masonry?

Masonry products can include brick, stone, as well as concrete, all of which are set in mortar. Concrete masonry, for example, may be seen in retaining walls or buildings, while stone masonry occurs often in fireplaces or landscaping.

A skilled stone mason professional in the bricklaying trade can use different materials according to their client's needs.

What to Think About When Taking on a Masonry Project?

Homeowners traditionally use masonry units to enhance design and structure. You may be tempted to lay bricks and tackle the project yourself. It may be feasible to successfully complete small projects taking the DIY approach, but less so for those of larger scale and complexity. Masonry design involves more than laying bricks. Correct sizing, alignment and working with mortar make this more than mere labour. A competent bricklayer will be able to enhance your home's aesthetic with bricks, natural stones, or concrete blocks.

If you already have masonry in your home that needs some TLC, you can choose to repair or tear it out and start again. Getting quotes from qualified contractors like those on Smart Reno Express can help you weigh the price when making your decision, and see if minimizing the time your home spends as a masonry construction site is within your budget.

What is Wall Bulging, and What Can be Done?

Wall bulging occurs when a masonry wall bulges outward, almost as though a bubble is forming, and can be caused by poor structural design or highly variable weather conditions commonly experienced in Canada. It is important to isolate and interpret the cause of wall bulging. Sometimes, it can be the foundation, not the wall itself. A professional contractor in the construction industry with foundation expertise may suggest solutions including drilling wall anchors into the brick or screwing stabilizing piers into the foundation.

Bricklaying & Masonry Renovation Possibilities

Masonry experts generally offer the following renovation opportunities to their clients:

  • Brick Wall construction or restoration
  • Plaster
  • Interlock outside installation
  • Laying structural anchors
  • Lintel and Sill replacement
  • Chimney construction and repairs
  • Decorative Stone installation
  • Stone walls and columns

Recent bricklaying and masonry projects

No photo for this projet

Tiled stepd

My home is 5 years old.
My front and back steps are tiled.
Some of the steps have a hollow sound when tapped, and some make a cracking sound when stepped on.
I need to solve this problem and regrou... read more →

North York
6 interested businesses
Need some brick work. - Photo #1

Need some brick work.

Need some brick work. 3 bricks both sides of garage. Fill square and a couple of cracks.

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Repair brick

Repair brick cracks
Re-do All joints
Replace the 4 corners by stones.
Réparation de brique

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Build pillars with mechanical gates

I am looking for a contractor to build pillars with mechanical gates

1 interested business
Bricklaying, Masonry - Photo #1

Bricklaying, Masonry

I need to get the stairs stone rearranged and re-balanced.

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Fill in a window

I need a contractor to basically fill in a window to make it conform to build a house next door.

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Brick for new construction

5,500 square feet of bricking needed on a new construction home in NDG.

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Cement joint between the bricks is gone

One of the corners of the house the cement joint between the bricks is gone and will have to change perhaps a few (less than 5)
Can you check and give estimates?
Thanks read more →

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No photo for this projet

Stone work has started to deteriorate and crack

Small bungalow has brick/stone facade installed several years ago. Stone work has started to deteriorate and crack. Need a specialist to evaluate the facade and repair as necessary read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Wall bricks and chimney

Repair the external wall bricks and remove a chimney

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Roofing flat roof

Roofing flat roof and bricks near roof...3 Plex 3 floors.

4 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Foundation and brick work

Foundation crack on outside of house causing leak in basement laundry room. Also need my chimney brick repaired, the bricks are deteriorating. read more →

3 interested businesses
Masonry work - Photo #1

Masonry work

Masonry work, all outside

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No photo for this projet

Repair chimney.

Repair chimney. Replace a few bricks in 2 corners of the house where they are cracked. And fill in missing mortar in a few places.

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Missing mortar on bricks

Missing mortar on bricks around house

1 interested business

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