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Caulking all windows

Caulking all windows

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About 7-8 cracks and weatherstripping - Photo #1

About 7-8 cracks and weatherstripping

About 7-8 cracks near door, windows, garage door, etc Also garage door needs weatherstripping

I believe it's on stucco mostly, not sure, pebble like siding. Attic access panel may need weather stri... read more →

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Caulking joining aluminum to brick over window needs replacing - Photo #1

Caulking joining aluminum to brick over window n...

The caulking that joins a strip of aluminum to the brick over my living room window below, is split open, exposing the wall underneath. The section is just below my bedroom window, and is roughly at t... read more →

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This is a very useful resource. The website is very easy to use. I am definitely going to use this again.

Rémi Fattal

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