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Need to sandblast

Hi, I need to sandblast, to remote the point on the concrete.
I need an estimation. It's an apartment building.

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Installation of a basement & garage slab

We are looking for quotes for materials and labour for the installation of a 500 sq ft basement slab and 430 sq ft garage slab in Port Perry Ontario this spring.
We have working drawings from our arc... read more →

Port Perry
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Partial reconstruction of exterior stairs - Photo #1

Partial reconstruction of exterior stairs

partial demolition and reconstruction of my front stairs in concrete.

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Insulate and more - Photo #1

Insulate and more

-Spray foam insulation
-drywall installation/taping and sanding
-self-levelling concrete heated floor

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Replace/repair home pillar

Looking to replace/repair home from pillars that hold a 2nd-floor balcony due to wood moulding away.

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Repair brick & cement wall - Photo #1

Repair brick & cement wall

I’m looking for a licenced contractor to repair exterior bricks wall and cement wall on a 6plex

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Repair my pathway - Photo #1

Repair my pathway

I just need an estimation to repair my pathway with concrete and cement. The city did some repairs on the water pipes below so they removed a portion of my pathway. It is 14 by 8 feet and 6inch of dep... read more →

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Concrete & Cement

Faire couler autonivellant dans un sous sol sur une surface de 350 pied carre

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Create backyard entrance to basement

Backyard entrance to basement, a contractor who can also do the drawings and obtain permits
Property type: Single House
Expected date: within 1 month
Owner: Yes read more →

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Revêtement plancher de garage - Photo #1

Revêtement plancher de garage

On aimerait un revêtement epoxy pour tout le garage. Construction 2016, pas de grosses craques. Faire remonter l'epoxy sur les marches et la bordure plancher/mur.
How many rooms are involved?: One Ro... read more →

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Build concrete stairs

Excavation and building of external concrete stairs for house basement, large land, and easy access is available

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Raising front cement step

Raising of 3' x 3' front cement step up 3".
property type: Single House
expected date: within 1 month
owner: Yes

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Fill a hole with concret - Photo #1

Fill a hole with concret

Hello, I am looking for someone to close/fill a hollow hole under my front outdoor step.

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Concrete & Cement - Photo #1

Concrete & Cement

Je dois refaire mon entrée en ciments immédiatement. Contactez-moi pour plus d’info.

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Construction De Balcon

Construction d'un balcon en arriere et des marches d'escalier ainsi qu'une pose de dallette.

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