Background checks and qualifications

Before authorizing companies to bid on your projects, we check the following:

  • Legal existence of company

    We verify the existence and legality of the company with the Registraire des Entreprises.

  • Validity of the RBQ license

    We check with the RBQ the existence and validity of the license and the categories and subcategories authorized for the renovation and construction contractor.

  • Liability insurance

    Smart Reno Express checks and ensures that all its contractors have liability insurance.

An efficient customer evaluation system!

Smart Reno Express also offers an efficient customer evaluation system. When a contractor completes a project, the client can give a positive, neutral or negative review on the quality of the work performed and the service given by the contractor.

Smart Reno Express takes customer evaluations very seriously! Additionally, if in doubt, Smart Reno Express validates customer ratings over the phone.