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General contractor versus specialized contractor

There are fundamental differences between a general contractor and specialized contractors. A general contractor acts as a project manager to coordinate your construction work. They have the connections to specialty construction companies and subcontractors. This type of construction management service means that expert contractors will work on each aspect of your home upgrade or renovation project. If you hire a general contractor to oversee project management in this manner, you can be more confident about meeting deadlines and avoiding delays due to logistics issues (i.e. building permits).

The skills of Specialized contractors are more tailored to their specific discipline. A specialized contractor is a contractor who uses a skill in a more efficient and proficient manner, often taking years to attain such a level of proficiency. They sometimes work directly for general contractors or on a contract basis for a home owner or property owner.

What to do when you want to contact a general contractor?

As the property owner, it is your responsibility to research the contractor. The first step when interested in contacting anyone in the construction industry is to:

  1. check that they have the required licenses. You should not believe that they are an award-winning contractor just because they tell you.
  2. Check reviews from their previous clients and don’t hesitate to compare their prices with other bids.
  3. Finally, you should be certain to sign an agreement setting the project details and price.

Examples of projects for which a general contractor can help you

A general contractor can oversee a variety of different residential construction projects. For example, they could:

  • organize a kitchen or bathroom renovation,
  • upgrade your roofing, or
  • finish your basement.

Other real estate improvements, such as:

  • new doors or windows, or even a
  • home expansion project could also be possible.

Again, a general contractor can oversee everything in the construction process. To find the best general contractor in your area, post your construction project on Smart Reno Express - ­to compare quotes.

Recent general contractor projects

No photo for this projet

Complete some renovations

We own an old condo downtown Montreal and need to complete some renovations. We need to change the shower cabin, repair the stairs (they are in wood), install an air conditioning split, repair an old ... read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Industrial looking wall and door

I’m looking for someone who can source an industrial looking wall and door to create a second bedroom in my loft for me.
Category: Wall / Drywall
What type of wall or drywall project do you ha... read more →

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Kitchen window

I have a kitchen window that has been leaking for years. I have had a variety of tradespeople attempt to fix it over the years, but it keeps on leaking. Now I have been told that I should have all the... read more →

5 interested businesses
Extend the attic ans close the carport - Photo #1

Extend the attic ans close the carport

I want to extend the attic on top of the carport and convert it to a room.
Also I need to make a garage by closing the carport.

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Create an office

Create an office in a non used space

Sud West
1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Remodeling my house

Hi, I need help remodeling my house. I would like to paint colors for the whole house. For the kitchen, I would like to re-tile the floor, replace the sink and the kitchen island surfaces, and paint t... read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Bathroom and small kitchen remodel

I am an interior designer looking for a contractor (yes, on very short notice) for a bathroom and small kitchen remodel. Work to be done between July 15 and August 31st (a little flexible on dates...c... read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Carport attached to house

Carport attached to house
11 feet wide
17 feet long
10 feet high
On existing paved driveway
Just posts and roof...very basic
Requesting quote read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Wood patio

Wood patio planks to be removed under lay to be repaired and reinstalled. basement, 1 wall to demolish, check for mold and install. This is due to previous leak from patio door. read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Adding a separate entrance

We are looking into the possibility of adding a separate entrance to an existing basement "apartment". We would like an estimate of cost and timing.
... read more →

6 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Above ground deck

To build Above ground deck. And to open a load bearing wall for the deck.
Looking for a an experienced and trustworthy contractor in the trade.
Thank you. read more →

6 interested businesses
General Contractor - Photo #1

General Contractor

I want to add an extension to my house in the back to be built on my concrete patio and already existing foundation

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

45 total feet of concrete block wall removed

Looking to have about 45 total feet of concrete block wall removed. Walls are 18 feet tall. One wall @ 30ft and 15ft. These are dividing walls between industrial units not support. Walls will need to ... read more →

4 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Small interior work

Looking for help with installation of a dishwasher(plumbing), a washing machine (new), a dryer(new),3 windows curtains (250CM in width), 3 window curtains (100cm in width), read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Various outside work

I need my porch pillars replaced with a maintenance free product, a hand railing replaced and a piece of eaves trough extended.

2 interested businesses

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