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Recent house foundation projects in Deux-Montagnes

Corners eroding and a crack in foundation - Photo #1

Corners eroding and a crack in foundation

3 corners of the house are eroding, there's a crack down below a basement window.
Concrete stairs also have crack near where they touch the wall towards the basement. read more →

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No photo for this projet

Waterproof outside foundation below ground level

Water infiltration in basement
Basement is approx. 4 feet below ground level
not sure if needed all around house or just front/sides

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NEED to do foundation of a house and renovation - Photo #1

NEED to do foundation of a house and renovation

The brick wall of this house (on the right side) needs to be re-done. It has completely fallen off. I need an estimation quote for this.

Interior of the house needs to be re-done as well (plumbing ... read more →

5 interested businesses

Replied quickly with several interested companies who contacted me. Thank you for your help!

Mary Wong

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