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What is Interior Trim?

Interior trim is the moulding or millwork around windows, doors, walls and floors. Crown moulding, which flairs out to create an elegant 3-dimensional look, is a common example. Other trim work includes chair rails, which protect the wall from chair bumps, and half rounds, a simpler, but attractive, semi-circular moulding.

Some Quick Advice on Interior Trim Projects

Should you add interior trim yourself or hire a professional carpenter to do the job? Interior trim may fall into the DIY category if you are attaching or repairing a few trim pieces. However, a contractor can make certain that the job is done correctly, and edges and any more complex trim feature, such as a handrail, are correctly installed.

Contractors will offer a better price for homeowners who want to complete multiple projects at once. A pro can handle a more complex project, like fitting window trim, and also make certain that decorative trim around the ceiling and floor are properly aligned.

Interior Trim Renovation Possibilities

Interior trim projects can go well beyond decorative baseboards and window trim. In general, interior trim experts offer the following popular types of services to their clients:

  • Door installation or replacement
  • Walk-In Closet Transformation
  • Hardwood floor finishing
  • Bathroom shower maintenance and upkeep
  • Interior wall repairs

With the right professional, more interior trim and home enhancement projects are within your reach.

Recent interior finish projects

No photo for this projet

Install 2 interior swings

I want to install 2 swings in my apartment ceiling. My building is cement but I tried myself, lol and I hit a hollow area and stopped before I have holes everywhere. They are 2 different types of swin... read more →

East York
0 interested business
No photo for this projet

2 small interior repair

1- flooring repair (Replace two tiles of Vinyl Flooring, AquaPlus)
2- wall repair (1 inch Pinch hole)
Need estimates in official company letterhead for damages on the following two repair services:... read more →

Stoney Creek
0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Install a fence

-Moving to a new home would like a separation fence (between patio and pool) need a 10ft rail fence that we can open and close.

property type: Single House
expected date: within 2 months
owner: Y... read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Updating foyer closet and more

-Updating foyer closet, an expanding pantry currently 7 ft by 3ft deep would like to extend it to meet the cabinets.
Move the door to the side and add a countertop and organization, a closet office ... read more →

0 interested business
Install cabinets - Photo #1

Install cabinets

Install the cabinet (Ikea)

potential for additional project

Are you changing the floor plan of the kitchen?: No
Do you have any design plans for the kitchen?: None
What is the shape of the kit... read more →

4 interested businesses
Install new bathroom vanity - Photo #1

Install new bathroom vanity

The current Vanity sits next to the floor tile and part of the wall. Will need to add tiles beneath the vanity and paint the side walls. Would like to keep the mirror but change the lighting to someth... read more →

North York
2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Paint stairs spindles

Stairs spindles only-to be painted, currently stained
What type of stairs project do you have?: Sand / Refinish
How many stairs are involved?: One Story
What shape are the stairs?: Straight
- Ar... read more →

3 interested businesses
Refinish nook area - Photo #1

Refinish nook area

Looking for an estimate and some ideas on repurposing a computer nook on our main level near the kitchen.

Currently used as a junk area and recycling but would possibly like to have a built in wine... read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Turn room into workout space

The room I am looking at getting finished has already been framed. I would like to finish it and turn it into a workout space.

0 interested business
Build a wine bar/coffee bar - Photo #1

Build a wine bar/coffee bar

I would like to build a wine bar/coffee bar (I have also attached a sample model) in my high end kitchen. Newly constructed condo in Lachine, Montreal. Will be built & finished in August 2021 read more →

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Minor repairs to rental property

Rental to be vacant end of Jan. Needs minor wall/ceiling repairs and home staging for sale.

5 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Updating renovations to single house

Updating renovation to single house

Expected date: within 2 months
Owner: Yes

6 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Livingroom ceiling hole to be fix (drywall)

Livingroom ceiling (hole) to be fix (about the size of one drywall panel).
- Are you the homeowner: Yes
- Type of property: Single-family
- Work start date: 3-4 months / Flexible (earlier is the be... read more →

8 interested businesses
Open wall and more - Photo #1

Open wall and more

Open wall for stacked washer/dryer. Add new wall to seal off from bathroom.

What type of wall or drywall project do you have?: Add wall(s), Remove / Open Wall(s)
What is the total approximate surf... read more →

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Framing bedroom

15x15 foot room in basement needs to be framed... no window only one door

2 interested businesses

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