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What is Interior Trim?

Interior trim is the moulding or millwork around windows, doors, walls and floors. Crown moulding, which flairs out to create an elegant 3-dimensional look, is a common example. Other trim work includes chair rails, which protect the wall from chair bumps, and half rounds, a simpler, but attractive, semi-circular moulding.

Some Quick Advice on Interior Trim Projects

Should you add interior trim yourself or hire a professional carpenter to do the job? Interior trim may fall into the DIY category if you are attaching or repairing a few trim pieces. However, a contractor can make certain that the job is done correctly, and edges and any more complex trim feature, such as a handrail, are correctly installed.

Contractors will offer a better price for homeowners who want to complete multiple projects at once. A pro can handle a more complex project, like fitting window trim, and also make certain that decorative trim around the ceiling and floor are properly aligned.

Interior Trim Renovation Possibilities

Interior trim projects can go well beyond decorative baseboards and window trim. In general, interior trim experts offer the following popular types of services to their clients:

  • Door installation or replacement
  • Walk-In Closet Transformation
  • Hardwood floor finishing
  • Bathroom shower maintenance and upkeep
  • Interior wall repairs

With the right professional, more interior trim and home enhancement projects are within your reach.

Recent interior finish projects

No photo for this projet

Minor repairs and deficiencies to be completed

Looking for 1-2 workers.

Currently finishing a large project in the Sud-Ouest of Montreal.

Have minor repairs and deficiencies to be completed in numerous units.

-Minor gyp, plaster
-Minor c... read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Home reno

Home in Kitchener Ontario needs new flooring, trim, doors, paint and also considering new kitchen and bathroom. Work to start as soon as possible i.e. end of August. Please state your first availabi... read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Combine kitchen and dining space

Need to combine kitchen and dining space by knocking down a wall (approximately 6ft long). If load-bearing wall, willing to install beam. Adding kitchen island with built-in stove plus seating area (s... read more →

2 interested businesses
Hang a hoist from the trusses - Photo #1

Hang a hoist from the trusses

To hang a hoist from the trusses, joists in my garage attic to support a 200# set of stairs up and down to the ceiling and floor. I have a brand new hoist and the stairs are already securely fastened ... read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

Floor and paint

Paint a space that is 1250 square feet. The space is primed and ready to be white washed. Three offices, a waiting area, stairs, small kitchenette and bathroom.

Remove old and install new carpet t... read more →

8 interested businesses
Close a room & more - Photo #1

Close a room & more

Current 14x12 loft on upper level of a 2 story home. Have 3 windows and HVAC already present. Loft has a railing and overlooks foyer. Want to take out railing, install walls and door. Build closet for... read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Agrandir le garde robe ordinaire et rétrécir le ...

J’ai un walk in qui donne dans une chambre, et qui est adjacent à un garde robe ordinaire dans une autre chambre. Je voudrais retravailler cet espace pour que le walk in soit disponible, en tout ou en... read more →

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Extend by a few mm an existing trapdoor

Hello, I would like to extend by a few mm an existing trapdoor. (eventually I would like to redo the trapdoor, but for now I urgently to to widen it) read more →

0 interested business
No photo for this projet

3-4 new shelves

Drill new hinges onto 2 cabinet doors and make 3-4 new shelves.

3 interested businesses
Two projects that need completion - Photo #1

Two projects that need completion

I have two projects that need completion.
1. My kitchen ceiling had to be cut open to find the source of a leak, the drywall now needs to be repaired.
2. Custom fit cabinets in the laundry room need... read more →

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Laundry room

Plumbing for a upstairs laundry room and if possible install an interior door

4 interested businesses
Cement peeling off - Photo #1

Cement peeling off

The outside wall has the cement peeling off. See attached pictures.

1 interested business
Window frames are peeling off - Photo #1

Window frames are peeling off

On the inside a number of window frames are peeling off exposing the brick work underneath. See attached pictures.

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Add room in basement

Add room in basement. Framing and dry wall to be done and insulation

11 interested businesses
Doors & Windows - Photo #1

Doors & Windows

I would need to replace the moulding to this door and have the chain lock screwed back in.

3 interested businesses

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