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What is Interior Trim?

Interior trim is the moulding or millwork around windows, doors, walls and floors. Crown moulding, which flairs out to create an elegant 3-dimensional look, is a common example. Other trim work includes chair rails, which protect the wall from chair bumps, and half rounds, a simpler, but attractive, semi-circular moulding.

Some Quick Advice on Interior Trim Projects

Should you add interior trim yourself or hire a professional carpenter to do the job? Interior trim may fall into the DIY category if you are attaching or repairing a few trim pieces. However, a contractor can make certain that the job is done correctly, and edges and any more complex trim feature, such as a handrail, are correctly installed.

Contractors will offer a better price for homeowners who want to complete multiple projects at once. A pro can handle a more complex project, like fitting window trim, and also make certain that decorative trim around the ceiling and floor are properly aligned.

Interior Trim Renovation Possibilities

Interior trim projects can go well beyond decorative baseboards and window trim. In general, interior trim experts offer the following popular types of services to their clients:

  • Door installation or replacement
  • Walk-In Closet Transformation
  • Hardwood floor finishing
  • Bathroom shower maintenance and upkeep
  • Interior wall repairs

With the right professional, more interior trim and home enhancement projects are within your reach.

Recent interior finish projects

Interior Finish - Photo #1

Interior Finish

Build casing to wall mount tv and electric fire place.

6 interested businesses
Floor and drywall - Photo #1

Floor and drywall


8 interested businesses
No photo for this projet


A laundry list of tasks that need to be tackled: such as soundproofing, painting, staining, baseboards, etc.

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Interior Finish

I would like to fix the screen and sliding balcony doors a pieces fell off very small job, some plasteing &r painting entire condo, possibly install a new toliet and sink and put up new shade in two ... read more →

8 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Flooring and putting in a vanity

Flooring and putting in a vanity in a bathroom , trim in a few places in the house and 1-2 sheets of drywall hung.

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Baseboard installation

Baseboard installation in condo. Unit is 1040 sq ft. Already have baseboard and is painted.

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet


To convert 2 closets facing each other (walk through) into 4 pull out or gliding closets. 2 closets for each side.

North york
7 interested businesses
Attic - Install laminate flooring, trim & paint - Photo #1

Attic - Install laminate flooring, trim & paint

Approximately 600sqft attic. Laminate flooring installation, painting, trim, install light fixtures, drywall/finish stairwell.

Message only to start, will contact via phone if interested in moving ... read more →

15 interested businesses
Replacement of kitchen sink and more - Photo #1

Replacement of kitchen sink and more

Replacement of kitchen sink (22X42 inches) and faucet. Repairing a few kitchen cabinet doors (no replacement, just a touch up for a facelift)
Replacement of floor to ceiling sliding closet doors (4 d... read more →

2 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Floor and paint

Hi, I want to put down hardwood in three bed rooms. 600sqft.
Do I provide the wood?
Also, I want to knock down a wall.
Paint the bed rooms read more →

15 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

A few things to be done for my top floor

I need a few things to be done for my top floor (hallway and 3 bedrooms)
1. Install laminate flooring.
2. Install baseboards and shoe moldings.
3. Replace door and window trimming.

I have the la... read more →

8 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Condo update

Condo update - new flooring, paint, new tile in bathroom

11 interested businesses
Cover air conditioning tubing - Photo #1

Cover air conditioning tubing

We had to install the air conditioning tubing this way and need to cover it in a nice way

4 interested businesses
Interior finish - Photo #1

Interior finish

Recently moved into a new condo. 591 sq.ft. There is a small closet at the entrance that I would like removed. It has an electrical outlet, dedicated light switch and a TV cable connected to it. I wan... read more →

11 interested businesses
Three 48

Three 48" White Laminate shelves

Hello, I'd like to install Three 48" White Laminate shelves with brackets on an empty wall in my kitchen area. The home is a rental and the wall has plumbing and pipes inside.

Shelve dimensions: T... read more →

3 interested businesses

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