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Quick Tips from SmartReno for Your Painting Project

What should you consider when you are seeking painting services? Whether your project requires interior painting or exterior painting services, you should always look for house painters who do excellent work. These painters will have clear pricing, and they should be eager to show examples of their work and maybe even provide references. They should also offer a free estimate; a factor that is facilitated here at Smart Reno Express.

How Much Does a Painting Job Cost?

The cost of a paint job will vary depending on the nature of the project; For walls, the average price per square foot offered by professional painting services is around $0.50. This does not include features like doors, radiators, and moldings. Painting contractors will charge extra for these features. The extra cost depends on the surface and level of detail. A painting company could charge between $35 and $100 extra for doors.

Example: For a 400 sq. ft. room, budget must be between $960 and $1,700.

How to Keep Costs Low on Your Painting Project

A painting job is usually priced on size and complexity. Home painters will need more time to paint moldings, window frames, textured walls and so on. These extras will take more time, and therefore cost more. Leave them out, and your project might be cheaper.

Also, You may think that you can save money by buying paint yourself, but this is usually not so. Home painters can help keep costs low because they get bulk prices on paint.

How to Choose Paint and Painting Equipment

What paint should you choose for a house painting project? For exterior painting, the color should match the colors of your house that are difficult to change, such as the roof shingles. High quality exterior paint that has latex with an acrylic binder is best for weather resistance. For interior painting projects, you should try to find a balance between ease of care and look. Quality paints with shiny finishes might be easy to clean, but they also show imperfections and dirt easily. Matte or soft velvet finishes are often best for walls, and shiny paints for molding and doors.

Thing to check before choosing a painter

  • Homeowners should also consider the customer service record of painting services.
  • Will they clean up after the project?
  • Do they guarantee their work?

You can use SmartReno Express to find out all these details upfront before you hire the painting service.

Recent house painting projects

No photo for this projet

Repaint existing brand new cabinets

Repaint existing brand new cabinets and some cabinet modifications

1 interested business
No photo for this projet

Paint 4 rooms

Paint 4 rooms 2 at a time as I am having my floors sanded

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Stucco removal

Stucco removal off ceiling about 600 SF in condo (1st floor). Would like it refinished and painted white after.

8 interested businesses
Cabinets painted in white. - Photo #1

Cabinets painted in white.

I need my MELAMINE kitchen cabinets painted in white.

4 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Painting, Painter

Need to have the stairs ramp & wooden doors, oil painted. Pls call for free estimation in Laval.

4 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Refacing kitchen cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets

2 interested businesses
Simple one bedroom painting - Photo #1

Simple one bedroom painting

Simple one bedroom painting. Dimensions of the room are 3.20m x 3.5m, 4 walls.

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Plaster and paint

Plastering a few holes, paint needed for 2 walls

12 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

8 Walls

I would need to paint only 8 walls in white! It’s a condo.

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Painting, Painter

I am looking for a quote to spray paint the exterior of the house. It is a brick facade.

7 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Repaint of kitchen cabinet

Repaint of kitchen cabinet

5 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Install wallpaper

Looking for someone to install wallpaper in a family room and powder room

3 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Paint 2 rooms

I would like for two rooms and a bedroom to be painted as soon as possible please and thank you. the size of the first room is 25'x11'
the second room measures at 12'x12'.
also if there is room in ... read more →

10 interested businesses
No photo for this projet

Brick finish

Exterior natural brick finish of the commercial building. Currently is painted brick. The project could be removing the current paint on bricks and restore natural finish / replace bricks where requir... read more →

4 interested businesses
Painting, Painter - Photo #1

Painting, Painter

Le projet peut être réalisé à partir du 18 février après midi. Il faut commencer ce jour là pour avoir suffisamment de temps de séchage

souhaite peinturer 2 murs de brique
16 pieds x 9 pieds read more →

10 interested businesses

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